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About Me


- Bay Area Wedding Photography -

    I never want to be a wedding photography. It was not my goal that I had. I devoted most of my time to earn the Bachelor Science degree for Accounting and Finance. My wedding day was completely change my view of wedding photography. 

    Finding the right photographer for my wedding day with affordable price was impossible and stressful for me at that time. Thus, I decided to learn photography for our pre-outdoor wedding pictures on my wedding day. I start to learn and fall in love in photography. 

    After earning experience from self-taught and many professional photographers, I realize that this is the best job that I ever have because it does not feel like work. I was having a good time to take picture that look incredible, bring happiness and value to my clients. Wedding photography has been liberating thing that I never been able to do in my entire life. 

    My goal is to bring together the best, most passionate, and most creative wedding photography in the Bay Area that focus on client service, attention to detail, and creativity. In the end, my philosophy on client service creates wonderful friendships with each and every single client that goes far beyond the day of your wedding.


Juliet D.